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Once upon a time we were operators in a trading company, executing contracts and shipping goods to our clients. Our jobs had us dealing with all kinds of issues, involving different processes within the shipping industry. We were frustrated with all the excel sheets & hundreds of tabs open in our browsers. We thought this was such an unproductive way to organise and keep track on any container movements. On the other hand, our clients were also getting frustrated, as they were calling and e-mailing us all the time to get their shipping details. We had to find a sustainable solution to save time for ourselves and make our clients satisfied with their orders.
We decided to change the status quo, by creating Goodrop 1.0 for our clients. The App was easy to use, available 24/7, and was received with so much enthusiasm! People were calling and e-mailing us, asking how they can add other suppliers and use our App for all of their orders. They started to confide in us, sharing all of their issues, showing us how lost they got with all those spread sheets and emails they were receiving, asking for our help. In response, Goodrop 2.0 was launched. An App made by operators for operators! Empowering teams and saving time throughout all the supply chain.
We offer a secure business to business platform. Whether your are a trader, factory, bank, importer or exporter dealing with shipping containers, we have the best solution to help you save time and get productive in a minute. Discover incredible features such as our GoTrack system, to track all your shipments automatically and notify you accordingly. Our vision is to create a digital world, aimed at helping all actors from the supply chain access the information they need seamlessly.

Meet the Team

We are here to help you focus on what really matters

Timur A.A. Khan

- Founder & CEO -

Aurelien Essig

- Software Architect -

Jennifer Pousaz

- Customer Success -

Sabina Savatin

- Marketing & PR -

Karel Van Der Ben

- Data Analyst -

Felipe Peña

- LATAM Head of Sales -

Martha Leticia Tapia

- Business Development -
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